NME & NEU: Exclusions & Race: Wed 10 June 2020, 4.30-6pm (Zoom Meeting)

New guidelines for use during the COVID Crisis are out. What happened to the Govt. review of race and exclusions? Link to registration: https://bit.ly/3gVAN6r (opens in new window) Speakers:Joan Hall – Education AdvocateAaliyah York – Founder of Pupil PowerMarguerite Haye – SEND Consultant, NEU memberZahra Bei – Founder of NME and NEU memberAlex Temple – JustContinue reading “NME & NEU: Exclusions & Race: Wed 10 June 2020, 4.30-6pm (Zoom Meeting)”

NME Final Report on Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Children’s Services

Impact of COVID-19 on Education & Children Services Copy of NME Final Report on Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Children’s Services (opens new window) This submission was created by No More Exclusions (NME), a UK grassroots coalition of over 140 teachers, teaching assistants, trade unionists, social workers, lawyers, youth workers, faith leaders, local councilors,Continue reading “NME Final Report on Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Children’s Services”

Article: Raising the bar for Muslim women

Author: Shagufta Khan We are living in times of change, where the norm has been challenged and going backwards is no longer an option. At the start of the year (2020), no one could have imagined the events that would unfold and change the lives of so many. The Black community has been at theContinue reading “Article: Raising the bar for Muslim women”

Zahra Bei

Secondary and Pupil Referral Unit Recovering Teacher Doctoral Researcher  NEU Waltham Forest: former Black Equality Officer & Workplace Union Representative NEU Brent: current International Solidarity Officer Masters in Social Justice and Education. PhD Research focus: School exclusions, ‘race’, Dis/ability, Critical Race Theory, auto-ethnography, Black Feminism, intersectionality, the school-to-prison pipeline, abolitionist teaching, the lived experience of Black excludedContinue reading “Zahra Bei”

COVID-19: “Unequal Impact: Coronavirus and People With Protected Characteristics”

For the Attention of the Women and Equalities Select Committee, United Kingdom Houses of Parliament, Submitted on 1 May 2020. BEA Decolonising Education Group   Covid-19 has highlighted and exacerbated the existing disparity caused by the narrowing of the curriculum for members of the Black Community. Resources and curriculum content produced by schools and organisations are not culturally inclusiveContinue reading “COVID-19: “Unequal Impact: Coronavirus and People With Protected Characteristics””

Books to begin ‘decolonising’ the English secondary curriculum

Author: Camille London-Miyo Below is a selection of books by Global Majority Writers chosen by educators at the NEU Decolonising the Curriculum Conference in December 2019  Participants who attended a workshop entitled “How to make the English Secondary Curriculum more relevant for the communities we seek to serve “ were asked to list texts written by Global Majority writers that they have usedContinue reading “Books to begin ‘decolonising’ the English secondary curriculum”

Diary of a Black educator in lockdown

Author: Camille London-Miyo It is April 30th, and the government has reported that there have been 26,711 COVID-19 related deaths across the United Kingdom to date.  We are all worried about the recent pandemic and the potential long-term effects on our communities. As Black educators we have become increasingly concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on black communities. We are worried by the high levelContinue reading “Diary of a Black educator in lockdown”

Celebrating black women and girls in education

Author: Camille London-Miyo I live in the City of Leicester, one of the most diverse cities in the UK. In 2017, in the area that I live, a Muslim woman was deliberately rammed by a car twice as she returned home from dropping her children to school. We know that race and faith related abuseContinue reading “Celebrating black women and girls in education”

Camille London-Miyo

Secondary English – Middle Leader City Of Leicester NEU: Past President , Equal Opportunities Officer I have been teaching in the statutory and non statutory education sector for nearly thirty years, working at all levels from Classroom teacher to Deputy Headteacher in secondary and primary phases. I am an active trade unionist and one ofContinue reading “Camille London-Miyo”

Malcolm Richards

Teacher – Lecturer Devon NEU: Past President, Black Educators Officer, International Solidarity Officer I’m an experienced teacher, senior leader and advisory teacher, and have worked across the education sector in the United Kingdom. Since 2019, I’ve been researching at the University of Exeter, exploring the implications for rural and largely mono-ethnic secondary schools, of teachersContinue reading “Malcolm Richards”