Books to begin ‘decolonising’ the English secondary curriculum

Author: Camille London-Miyo Below is a selection of books by Global Majority Writers chosen by educators at the NEU Decolonising the Curriculum Conference in December 2019  Participants who attended a workshop entitled “How to make the English Secondary Curriculum more relevant for the communities we seek to serve “ were asked to list texts written by Global Majority writers that they have usedContinue reading “Books to begin ‘decolonising’ the English secondary curriculum”

Diary of a Black educator in lockdown

Author: Camille London-Miyo It is April 30th, and the government has reported that there have been 26,711 COVID-19 related deaths across the United Kingdom to date.  We are all worried about the recent pandemic and the potential long-term effects on our communities. As Black educators we have become increasingly concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on black communities. We are worried by the high levelContinue reading “Diary of a Black educator in lockdown”

Celebrating black women and girls in education

Author: Camille London-Miyo I live in the City of Leicester, one of the most diverse cities in the UK. In 2017, in the area that I live, a Muslim woman was deliberately rammed by a car twice as she returned home from dropping her children to school. We know that race and faith related abuseContinue reading “Celebrating black women and girls in education”

Camille London-Miyo

Secondary English – Middle Leader City Of Leicester NEU: Past President , Equal Opportunities Officer I have been teaching in the statutory and non statutory education sector for nearly thirty years, working at all levels from Classroom teacher to Deputy Headteacher in secondary and primary phases. I am an active trade unionist and one ofContinue reading “Camille London-Miyo”