Black Educators Alliance

BEA are a self-organised network of ‘Black’ educators committed to radically transforming structures and institutions which impact upon the equitable experiences, achievement opportunities and outcomes for Black educators, parents, families and students, and our wider education community.

BEA has agreed to use the term ‘Black’ in a political context to encompass “all members who self-identify as Black, Asian and any other minority ethnic groups who do not identify themselves as white“.

BEA is committed to five aims:

  • Promote greater understanding of structural and institutional racism from both within and without the union
  • Explore perspectives, pedagogy and activism from Black perspectives at the centre of Eurocentric values, ideologies and practices;
  • Build a 21st century dynamic education system based on universal values of equity, respect and love;
  • Promote the aims and policies of BEA across other education sectors;
  • Reclaiming social justice and where wealth creation is harnessed for the good of all;
  • Challenge racism within the education system at every level and within organisations;

Our core group of volunteer members work across the education system in England and Wales, including community education, state schools, academies, independent and private schools, sixth-form colleges and universities.

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