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Joint Statement on 2021 Exam Cancellations and Teacher Assessments

A joint statement by  BEA: Black Educators Alliance and CARE: Coalition of Anti-Racist Educators Published: 8 March 2021 This statement seeks to highlight an issue that is still unresolved and we all know that if we do not learn from the mistakes we have made in the past, we are doomed to repeat them! Stereotyping, as we…

Statement on Department for Education Guidance on PSHE

A joint statement by  BEA: Black Educators Alliance and CARE: Coalition of Anti-Racist Educators First published in New Socialist: http://newsocialist.org.uk/transmissions/statement-department-education-guidance-personal-social-health-and-economic-education/ Date: Monday September 28 2020 As educators and movements across the UK are taking strides towards achieving just and fair education for all pupils, the government has released chilling and worrying guidance for institutions’ PSHE programmes,…

STATEMENT: Examination u-turns, teacher assessment and Black students

Authors: Black Educators Alliance Generations of activists and academics have sought to highlight the reality that teacher assessment, underpinned by deficit theorising and racial bias continues to have a negative impact on black students’ achievement and attainment. As soon as schools, colleges and universities were impacted by Covid-19 and subsequent government lockdown, BEA have highlighted…

COVID-19 & Black communities

BEA will highlight the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black communities to ensure that existing socio-political and economic disparities do not lead to an even greater impact on our communities in education and beyond.

Teachers & assessment

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Parents, families and communties

BEA will organise, campaign and advocate collaboratively and in partnership with ‘Black’ parents, families and children to ensure that their voice is central to all aspects of our engagement. Click on the picture to access our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for parents, families and communties.

Special Educational Needs

BEA will work in collaboration and in partnership with individuals, institutions and research bodies to share, information, advice, guidance which advocate for radical reform which recognises the disproportionate impact of current SEN provision on Black students.

Decolonizing the Curriculum

BEA will actively engage, support research and challenge longstanding biases and omissions within our curriculum, with the aim of moving away from a education curriculum that dictates who and what knowledge, culture and understanding is considered valuable.

BEA & No More Exclusions

BEA will work in partnership with No More Exclusions to address the racial inequality built-into and outside of the education system and work to disrupt and dismantle the systems, practices, policies, language, technologies, culture and all other structural barriers that limit Black pupils’ achievement, progress, inclusion, representation, voice, well-being and access to equal opportunities and right to education.

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Black Educators Alliance (BEA) are a self-organised network of ‘Black’ educators committed to radical and transformative change to our education systems.


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