NME Final Report on Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Children’s Services

Impact of COVID-19 on Education & Children Services

Copy of NME Final Report on Impact of COVID-19 on Education and Children’s Services

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This submission was created by No More Exclusions (NME), a UK grassroots coalition of over 140 teachers, teaching assistants, trade unionists, social workers, lawyers, youth workers, faith leaders, local councilors, journalists, academics, education researchers, SEND specialists, mental health practitioners, parent advocates, parents, and young people. More than 40 people worked together to gather the first person testimony and academic research that informs this piece, which was written collaboratively after a series of digital meetings.

NME has a race equality and an inclusion focus in education – our work is about addressing institutional racism, unconscious bias, negative stereotyping and low teachers’ expectations as well as the wider structures and practices that create the context within which school exclusions exist.

NME would like to offer a particular thanks to the Pupil Power Campaign, a youth-led organisation campaigning on educational issues, who worked tirelessly to gather many of the first person testimonies included.

No More Exclusions

Website: www.nomoreexclusions.com

Email: admin@nomoreexclusions.com

Twitter: @NExclusions

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